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      If you find yourself taking one loan to pay off another loan, you need to break the cycle. Over time, the interest will start piling up, wrecking your finances.

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      For more info on the solutions, please read the Solutions To Your Debt Issues article.

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      What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Advisors

      Honestly, when I first saw the advertisement on Facebook, I thought it wasn’t legit due to multiple companies guranteeing extreme discount. I realised Debtpedia didn’t. was curious and I met with Mr Sani who was a Bankrupt himself. A sincere and down to earth person, he spoke based on his experience. He cleared all my doubts and gave me a clear direction on how to settle my debt issues.

      - Mr Suresh, 52 years old, Assistant Manager

      I was referred to Debtpedia by a friend and Mr Luqman was my advisor. He is a very dedicated and gave his fullest service. A polite, friendly & easy going person whom I felt comfortable when dealing with, on my personal financial matters.

      - Mdm Ain, 47 years old, Bank Officer

      Thank you to Mr Sufyan for his kindness, generosity, time & effort that he put in throughout the entire 5 months process. Despite his busy schedule, he goes the extra mile by coming over to my area when my schedule was very tight.

      - Mr Kamal, 38 years old, Civil Servant

      I have applied for Debt Consolidation Plan from 2 local banks but both was rejected. I ran out of ideas and had no one to turn to until I met with Mr Saiful from Debtpedia. He shared ways to settle my debt effectively. Currently I’m in the final stage of my DRS process. Thank you Mr Saiful for your effort, transparency and valuable knowledge. Much appreciated.

      - Mr Chok, 33 years old, Technician

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      Many people do not know that it is ILLEGAL for licensed moneylenders to advertise their services on social media (including Facebook, WhatsApp or SMS). Most people end up borrowing from unlicensed moneylenders pretending to be licensed money lenders when they respond to these advertisements.

      Debtpedia LLP is proud to be recognized as a partner in this movement to fight against scams. 

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