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      We provide free consultation for those in need of help. During this one on one session, our professional debt advisors will evaluate your current financial situation and review your expenses, assets and liabilities. They will then advise on best solution for you. The objective is to lighten your financial burden.

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      Bankruptcy Application – Debt Repayment Scheme or Bankruptcy

      Suitability for Debt Repayment Scheme, depends on the person’s debt size and financial situation. If the debt size is between $15,000 and not reaching $100,00, he/she will be offered to consider Debt Repayment Scheme. Click here to read more on the benefits of DRS.

      If you wish to proceed with the application, we will assist with the Preparation of paperwork, Submission of documents to relevant authorities and Guide you throughout the entire application process. 

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      Public Engagement

      We conduct interactive talks to people of various age groups. We use different approaches for children, youths and adults so that the session remains relevant and engaging for our audience. Our aim is to increase their financial literacy so they can be more aware of their finances and stay out of uncontrollable debts. 

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