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      Debt Repayment Scheme

      Proven and Effective Scheme That Has Helped Many Debtors Successfully Clear Off Their Debts Within 3 – 5 Years.

      Debt Repayment Scheme Versus Debt Management Program & Debt Consolidation Plan

      Consolidate All Unsecured Debts

      DRS allows to consolidate ALL legal debts such as Credit Cards, Personal Loan, Licensed MoneyLender, Hire Purchase & Other Unsecured Loans.

      Interest Freezed

      Interest is freezed for the new repayment plan.

      Propose A Repayment Plan

      DRS allows debtor to propose a manageable amount for his/her new repayment plan. However, the proposal amount is subjected to approval by the Official Assignee.


      Fair Scheme for Debtor & Creditor

      Acts as a fair scheme for both debtor and creditor. The repayment amount is being formulated carefully by  the Official Assignee after assessing the debtor financial situation.

      “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will control you forever.”

      ~ Dave Ramsey ~

      It’s Time To Make The 1st Step

      Step 1


      Book a FREE non-obligatory consultation with our trained and experience Advisor. All information discussed will be kept strictly private and confidential.

      Step 2


      We will analyse your situation and share with you on the best option for you to consider so that you can clear your debts in the fastest and smartest way. 

      Step 3

      You will be guided from the moment you decide to engage us until the end of the process. We will walk through the whole entire process with you. 

      Step 4

      Your journey with us does not end here. Should you need any help throughout your journey to be debt free, we will be there to assist. 

      Client’s New Repayment Plan

      Here are some of the client’s result after going through the Eligibility and Suitability process. The final amount is formulated on case to case basis. Some of the contributing factor are Household Income and Expenses, Past Payments and etc. The final decision is made by the Official Assignee. 

      What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Advisors

      Honestly, when I first saw the advertisement on Facebook, I thought it wasn’t legit due to multiple companies guranteeing extreme discount. I realised Debtpedia didn’t. was curious and I met with Mr Sani who was a Bankrupt himself. A sincere and down to earth person, he spoke based on his experience. He cleared all my doubts and gave me a clear direction on how to settle my debt issues.

      - Mr Suresh, 52 years old, Assistant Manager

      I was referred to Debtpedia by a friend and Mr Luqman was my advisor. He is a very dedicated and gave his fullest service. A polite, friendly & easy going person whom I felt comfortable when dealing with, on my personal financial matters.

      - Mdm Ain, 47 years old, Bank Officer

      Thank you to Mr Sufyan for his kindness, generosity, time & effort that he put in throughout the entire 5 months process. Despite his busy schedule, he goes the extra mile by coming over to my area when my schedule was very tight.

      - Mr Kamal, 38 years old, Civil Servant

      I have applied for Debt Consolidation Plan from 2 local banks but both was rejected. I ran out of ideas and had no one to turn to until I met with Mr Saiful from Debtpedia. He shared ways to settle my debt effectively. Currently I’m in the final stage of my DRS process. Thank you Mr Saiful for your effort, transparency and valuable knowledge. Much appreciated.

      - Mr Chok, 33 years old, Technician

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